Hybrid cloud storage for the Enterprise – What’s your strategic storage plan?

We love the way technology can help underpin business change. Take Microsoft StorSimple as an example, an enterprise storage solution with true hybrid cloud storage capabilities.

StorSimple delivers enterprise storage with true hybrid cloud storage capabilities, enabling you to take advantage of economical cloud storage for your ‘historical’ data, while keeping your frequently accessed data on-premises for the highest levels of performance and all of this all happens automatically.

It still amazes me how many organisations continue to store vast quantities of duplicate historical data on premise, most of which will probably never see the light of day again but will continue to increase the cost of the IT service.

CoreAzure can help you to assess the best way to deploy StorSimple within your organisation to achieve the best value and ensure the following business benefits are realised.

Primary storage solution

Use StorSimple as primary storage for a range of workloads: collaboration, file sharing, databases, virtual machines.

Automated archive

Archive your cold data from on-premises to the cloud—automatically.

Cost-effective backup

Take advantage of automated cloud snapshots and back up data based on software policies without costly backup infrastructures.

Reliable disaster recovery

Get integrated data protection and location-independent disaster recovery—and only recover the data your business need when it’s required.