The new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

The new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) opens its doors and brings together expertise from CESG (the information assurance arm of GCHQ); the cyber elements of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure; CERT-UK; and the Centre for Cyber Assessment to provide a single point of contact for SMEs, larger organisations, government agencies and departments.

Their advice is simple. Have a look around at what the NCSC is saying and work out which bits are most relevant to you. Then focus on getting the basics right. You can’t defend against every attack, but by working out what you care about the most, storing it carefully, monitoring it, and having basic protections in place will make it that bit harder for an attacker to get through.

We at CoreAzure have CESG Certified Professionals which is the UK Government’s approved standard of competence for cyber security professionals and provides an independent assessment and verification process for those working in Information Assurance (IA). CESG Certified Professionals scheme addresses the growing need for specialists within the cyber security profession. It sets the standard for UK cyber security professionals.

CCP is not just a qualification — it is a certification which is awarded to those who demonstrate their sustained ability to apply their skills, knowledge and expertise in real-world situations.

If you would like to discuss your Information Assurance or IT security with a certified professional, please give us a call or use the contact form below.

National Cyber Security Centre

National Cyber Security Centre

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