Microsoft launches new Azure Information Protection service

Microsoft has announced the launch of Microsoft Azure Information Protection service that builds on existing Microsoft Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) and their recent acquisition of Secure Islands.

Microsoft have now combined Secure Islands’ industry-leading data classification and labelling technology with Azure RMS.

What does Azure Information Protection provide?

Document tracking and revocation
Documents can be tracked to show who has opened the document and from which geographical location. Users can choose to revoke access to the document in the event of unexpected activity.

Protection using encryption, authentication, and use rights
For sensitive data, protection can be applied after classification and labelling. This includes encrypting the document, which requires authentication of the user and enforces user rights that define what can be done with the data.

Automatic, user-driven, and recommended classifications
Data can be classified and labelled automatically through content detection rules. Users can also manually classify data or be prompted to make an informed classification decision.

Classification overrides and justifications
Based on policies and rules, users can be empowered to override a classification and optionally be required to provide a justification.

Flexible policy and rules engine
A set of default sensitivity labels are available with options to define custom labels based on business needs. Rules can also be configured for actions to take based on classification.

What an excellent addition to the Azure RMS, and we look forward to Microsoft Azure Information Protection becoming available in public preview in July 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about this innovative solution then please visit the website